Adiantum cunninghamii, Raoul

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Adiantum cunninghamii, Raoul
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Distribution of Adiantum cunninghamii, Raoul
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Ferns Species:


Common Name:



Adiantum cunninghamii


Common Maidenhair, Puhinui

Non Threatened

Fronds 10-35cm long


Native only to New Zealand it is common in coastal and lowland forest, on cliffs, banks and amongst mossy boulders.


Creeps along the ground. Fronds on long, wiry, shiny, dark-brown stalks. Leaflets almost oblong, dark green above and bluegreen below. The name "maidenhair" dates back at least to the fifteenth century, but it is not known whether it refers to the shimmering grace of the fronds, their fine black hair-like stalks, or to the ferns reputed medicinal properties.


Found all over New Zealand up to a height of 500m. See distribution map (bottom right).


Andrew Crowe, Which Native Fern: a simple guide to the identification of New Zealand Native Ferns (Penguin Books (NZ) Ltd 1994) p57