Doodia media, Br

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Doodia media, Br
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Ferns Species:


Common Name:



Doodia media


Rasp fern

Non Threatened

Fronds 15cm - 85cm long


Common in the north, especially in coastal pohutukawa forest, light scrub, track sides and grassy hillsides - often in full sun. Native to New Zealand and Australia.


A tufted ground fern, fronds are once divided and rosy pink when young, becoming rough and raspy when old. The Maori name for this fern translates as "gooseflesh" in reference to the surface texture of the fronds. The Rasp fern also contains a powerful hormonal insecticide that kills larval stage insects.


Found on North Island and in the very northern part of South Island up to a height of 500m. See distribution map (bottom right).


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