Lomaria lanceolata, Br

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Lomaria lanceolata, Br
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Distribution of Lomaria lanceolata, Br
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Ferns Species:


Common Name:



Blechnum chambersii


Lance fern, Rereti

Non Threatened

Fronds 15-60cm long


Common in damp forest, especially along stream banks. Native to New Zealand, Australia, possibly also Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti.


Tufted ground fern forming flattish rosettes of fronds, divided into unstalked, finely toothed leaflets. Early Maori collected the young fronds for steaming in hangi cooking pits as a form of greens. In Australia, it is appropriately known as lance water fern and is known to have insecticide properties - undoubtedly developed by the fern as part of its defensive mechanism.


Found all over New Zealand up to a height of 1000m. See distribution map (bottom right).


Andrew Crowe, Which Native Fern: a simple guide to the identification of New Zealand Native Ferns (Penguin Books (NZ) Ltd 1994) p38