Who was Robert?

Robert's message to his sister
– Robert's message to his sister –
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This is the big question which I hope to slowly establish as I delve into the records and archives of yesteryear. We know Robert had a sister whose name was Miss F Schofield, and we know he was in Auckland in April 1879. So hopefully these clues will help me get started in my research. What I ultimately would like to determine is Roberts’s relationship to my Grandfather Charles Edwards, and so get an understanding of how it was that he came to possess the book. Finding out what Robert was doing in New Zealand in the 1870’s and what happened to him is also of great interest, but may take time to uncover.

Of course there is always another possibility, and that is that Robert had no family connection to my Grandfather what so ever. My Grandfather was a notorious hoarder of antiques and curios, often taking these kinds of items as payment in kind for work he had done. So as disappointing as it may be, I have got to accept that Robert may not actually be a family member at all. But even if this is the case, I think it is still an intriguing story worth investigating none the less.

As I uncover new findings about Roberts’s story I will update this website accordingly, and so please check back periodically if you are interested to see what I discover. If anybody stumbling across this website can shed any further light on any aspect of this story then I would be grateful to hear from you, so please get in touch. For instance a picture of Eric Craig or his fern shop, or perhaps a passenger list and old Auckland pictures of the time would be greatly appreciated. My hope is that over time and with help, this site becomes an evolving reference piece which future generations of our family can view, improve, and appreciate.